Who is Sir P?

The question that is in everyone’s mind is, who is this man behind this distorted voice? Who is Sir P?

Welcome people, this is Sir P. If you thought you were really going to find out who I am with a simple google search then you would need to join Simon in the naughty corner. I am from the wonderful land of Jamaica and that’s all you will ever know if you already don’t. If you want to know the meaning of Sir P well here goes……. Here those crickets in the background? Keep listening, you will hear a unicorn as well one with two horns, not one.

What is the meaning of politricks?

Well simply put it’s the trickery in politics, politicians are human and far from perfect so this platform was created to keep them accountable and expose the wrongdoing. It was also created to touch the so-called untouchables from 87 to 100000000 octane.

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