A Portland taxi driver will face charges for violating a quarantine order

The police have taken testimonies from people who observed the taxi driver driving his car on Saturday, three days after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and ordered to quarantine at home, according to the police.

Portland police are planning to file charges against a COVID-positive cab driver who allegedly violated his quarantine order.

The cabbie, who hails from Port Antonio’s Chilly Lane, was cautioned for prosecution today in front of his father, less than 24 hours after police started a hunt for him.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Julio Francis told The Gleaner today that testimonies were taken from witnesses who observed the taxi driver driving on Saturday, three days after he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to Francis, he has subsequently obtained supporting documentation showing that the taxi driver tested positive for the virus on September 8 and that he should have been under home quarantine for 14 days during the time he was spotted driving his car.

“He has been told that he will be prosecuted, and he will be charged. He is not in the greatest of health, and some of the officers are hesitant to approach him to serve the summons because of his condition. But, even if we have to wait for him to improve, he will be prosecuted and given his day in court,” Francis added.

According to Politricks Watch, family members reported the cabbie’s breach to the authorities because they were concerned that his actions may endanger innocent passengers.

His grandma had tested positive for COVID-19 previously and is now quarantined at home.

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