Holness asks Green to resign amid backlash over viral video

Floyd Green

Floyd Green, the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, is expected to quit from Andrew Holness’ Cabinet following public outrage over a video that surfaced late Tuesday showing him and many others at a social event ostensibly on a no-movement day, ignoring COVID-19 regulations.

According to Politricks Watch sources, Prime Minister Holness was enraged when the video went viral, and after early morning negotiations, Green decided to quit.

Green’s letter of resignation should be on the prime minister’s desk by midday, according to sources, and will be made public immediately after.

Green is anticipated to keep his seat as Member of Parliament for St Elizabeth South West and transfer to the House of Representatives’ backbenches.

Andrew Bellamy, a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) councilor for the Mona Division in the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation, and Gabrielle Hylton, Green’s assistant and vice-president of the JLP National Organization for Women, are featured in the video, which has sparked outrage on social media.

Green and others are shown in the film toasting each other while seated at a table with bottles of Moet, Red Bull, and other beverages and food items.

Shouts of “No-movement Day” and “Shower Labourite,” a slur used to refer to supporters of the ruling JLP, can be heard during the toast.

With the exception of an unnamed individual who is seen wearing a mask on her chin, none of the attendees appear to be wearing the necessary face masks.

The party was said to have taken place on Tuesday at a hotel in St Andrew in honor of Hylton’s birthday. Tuesday was a no-movement day, as part of the government’s efforts to fight COVID-19’s spread on the island.

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