Blackman And Klansman In One Lane VS The DPP And Her Team In The Next – Who Will Win?

The Klansman trial has been adjourned due to technical difficulties.

Due to technological problems, the trial of the 33 alleged members of the St Catherine-based Klansman gang was delayed early on Tuesday.

The trial resumed before Chief Justice Bryan Sykes on Tuesday morning at 10 a.m., after court officials spent the better part of an hour attempting to fix apparent connectivity difficulties that hampered the primary screen of three in courtroom number one of the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston.

The prosecution had hardly begun to present its case when it became clear that the two courtrooms were out of sync due to the malfunctioning screen.

The chief justice, who had been visibly angry when he rose at 10:35, returned at 11:10 to declare that the case would be delayed until Wednesday.

“Whatever the problem was, it was yet to be fixed. I can’t sit here endlessly, therefore the meeting has been postponed till tomorrow “‘He rapped,’ he said.

Andrew Smith, a defendant on bail, got his bail extended.

Meanwhile, alleged gang leader Andre “Blackman” Bryan responded violently to the news, hissing his teeth loudly and repeatedly beneath his mask while muttering.

Another defendant expressed his displeasure by complaining that his time was being “wasted” and stating, “yuh know how long mi a wait fi da day ya.”

The prosecution presented its evidence against the defendants, who included one female, at the bench trial on Monday.

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