According to a Klansman gangster-turned-witness, he made up to $100,000 a day from the Spanish Town bus park.

KINGSTON, JAMAICAN The prosecution’s first witness, a self-confessed member of the St Catherine-based Klansman gang, testified Wednesday morning in the Home Circuit courtroom that he collected between $80,000 and $100,000 per day from the bus park in Spanish Town on orders from accused gang leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan.

The witness, who began his evidence soon after 10 a.m. before Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, claimed he met Bryan in 2016 and became his personal driver.

“I learned he was Andre “Blackman” Bryan and you don’t deny a gangster,” he stated when asked why he agreed to become Bryan’s driver.

His pal, a former top-tier member of the gang who introduced him to Bryan, has since been slain, he informed the court.

He also told the court that he was the gang’s “banker,” and that Sunday was the only day he didn’t go to the bus park to collect money.

Bryan gave commands to gang members to murder people, according to the witness, who is testifying from a faraway location.

Witness number two is scheduled to testify over “a few days,” according to Sykes early Wednesday.

Bryan is one of 33 accused criminals on trial who are related to the Klansman gang.

The experiment, which began on Monday, continued at 10 a.m. on Wednesday after failing to get off the ground on Tuesday due to technical difficulties.

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