Cops are on edge following another delay in the overtime payment case.

Corporal Rohan James, Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation, has expressed displeasure on behalf of the federation’s members after a claim for an injunction to ensure payment of salary owed to rank and file officers for overtime work done since 2008 was delayed once more today.

The case, which was brought before the court by the police federation on behalf of rank and file personnel, was delayed on the request of government attorneys.

The hearing was set for today, when an agreement on how and when the police officers would be paid would be revealed, but the government counsel notified the court that the Ministries of Finance and National Security had not yet submitted their final proposal for payment.

There have been conversations between the attorneys for both parties since the lawsuit was filed in May of 2020.

The case was delayed on July 30, 2021, to September 23, 2021, on the assumption that by then, the government will have submitted its counter-proposal for settlement.

The federation claims to have received none thus far.

Corporal James, on the other hand, stated that the federation and its members will not back down.

“We are unhappy that the government has once again failed in its attempt to bring the settlement that was expected at today’s court hearing to the table. We think we were on track to get a court ruling, but the government has disappointed the rank and file people who have worked long and hard,” James told Politricks Watch.

“We simply want to stress at this moment that we do not plan to relent, yield, or compromise anything that the members worked for, and that they want the government to pay the outstanding claim that the police is anticipating on the next occasion.

That their work and blood will yield fruit, and they will receive the benefits,” he added.

James also urged the administration to allow “common sense prevail.”

According to the federation, its members have been patient, flexible, and attentive in their efforts to fix this issue, but they are fast-growing dissatisfied.

“Members are angry and on edge. Members’ attendance in court today indicates that they have great expectations, and we do not plan to yield, and we do not aim to give up any element of this. “We are pushing the administration to resolve this issue once and for all in the interests of national security and the people of Jamaica,” he added.

Noting that the police are anticipated to play a critical role in dealing with the coronavirus epidemic and the high crime rate, the federation stated that officers must be guaranteed that their rights as residents of this nation would not be ignored or pushed to the margins.

As a result, James is encouraging the appropriate ministries to accelerate the process of paying the officers what they are due.

Any further delay, he warned, may aggravate an already thorny problem with far-reaching ramifications for national security.

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