‘Blackman’ issued instructions rather than explanations.

A crucial prosecution witness said yesterday that when Andre “Blackman” Bryan, accused head of the One Don faction of the St Catherine-based Klansman gang, “gave orders” for individuals to be killed off, no questions were asked of him.

“He is not going to provide explanations; he delivered commands, not explanations,” witness number two, who has been testifying since Wednesday morning, stated yesterday through a video link to courtroom number one of the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston.

This accusation was made by the witness, who claimed to be the gang’s banker and Bryan’s personal driver, among other things, when recounting for the court the murder of a previous deportee on Jones Avenue in Spanish Town in 2019.

The murder of the Rastaman in that event was one of three ordered by Bryan in his presence, according to the witness.

When asked by the prosecutor leading the evidence whether Bryan, who reportedly told his henchmen, “Mi want [unnuh] to go kill di Rasta inna di lane,” had offered any explanations for why the man was to die and if he had participated in those discussions, the witness replied, “I was taking orders, Sir.”

He then described how Bryan, who reportedly directed him to hire a white Honda motor car for the operation, instructed two of the accused, who are currently on trial, on which firearms to use, how the act was to be carried out, and his role as the driver.

According to the witness, he drove to Shelter Rock after dropping off the two trigger men — whom he described as the accused Michael Whitely, also known as Stennett, and Brian Morris, popularly known as Rooster — on Jones Avenue around a corner after passing the Rastaman who had been targeted for murder.

He said that following the shooting, the guys followed a route through the hills to the agreed-upon rendezvous location. The witness stated that the two firearms used in the murder were transferred to another accused in the trial, Ted Prince, also known as Mawga Man, for safekeeping after the shooting and before they met up with him.

“The plan was for Mawga Man to return the firearms after the shooting. “Him [Bryan] tells Mawga Man to get the weapons back from Stennett and Rooster and lock dem [hide them],” the witness testified in court.

In a rare instance when he called the shots, the witness was crucial in identifying the persons he alluded to in his description of the incident

The guy, who was testifying from a faraway location, had to rely on cameras and onscreen visuals to identify the men he was referring to. While looking for faces to place to names, his “first row, please; the second row, sit” orders prompted muffled laughs from the audience.

Bryan burst out laughing after the second round of those ‘orders,’ his slender shoulders heaving.

Bryan, who had maintained a stone silence and remained unaffected save to wiggle his legs quickly at moments or put his hands into his pockets, was later seen wiping his eyes, seemingly brought to tears by his amusement.

Witness number two, who testified for the first time on Wednesday and is the first witness summoned by the Crown in the trial, which began on Monday, stated that he met Bryan through a buddy who was a member of the gang but is now deceased.

On Wednesday, he testified about how he used his posh house to entertain suspected members of the infamous gang, including Bryan, and store their extortion money and leased getaway cars. He also stated that he chose to testify against his associates in order not to “waste the judges’ time.”

The trial was adjourned early yesterday due to the witness feeling “unwell.”

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, in announcing the adjournment just moments after the trial resumed following a lunch break, said the witness’s “well-being was being tended to”.

The witness is expected to resume testifying this morning at 10:00 when the trial of the 33 accused will continue.

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